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    Bosch Hot Water and Heating

    Bosch Hot Water and Heating is a leading supplier of hot water and hydronic heating appliances. For domestic hot water, the Bosch range includes gas continuous flow and heat pump hot water systems. For heating, Bosch has hydronic heating boilers for residential and commercial applications.



    Contact Bosch and we will discuss the installation and review against our installation check list.

    Each Bosch water heater comes with a set of installation and operating instructions which should provide the necessary information.

    No. The reason is that boosters for storage tanks and solar systems need to be able to measure the incoming water temperature.

    The pressure limiting valve should be installed no closer than 3 meters from the appliance.

    Based on the description of the fault the customer is experiencing, the customer may need to check if the fault is due to installation or manufacturing.

    Yes. Any installation of a gas appliance requires a certificate of compliance to be provided to the householder.

    Pressure limiting valves should be installed where the measured water pressure is within 30% of the maximum rating of the appliance.

    The gas supply line needs to be sized in accordance with AS5601 (Gas installation standard).

    Full flow water isolating valves should be installed on the cold water inlet to the appliance.

    No, not for all water conditions.

    Bosch offers training on the installation and operation of our water heaters.

    Bosch offers training on the installation and operation of our water heaters.

    Bosch has a range of Highflow accessories, including fully enclosed recess boxes, semi–enclosed recess boxes, and pipe covers.

    No. Gas safety standards and state based regulations require that only qualified service technicians work on gas appliances.

    Bosch has a comprehensive network of Authorised Service Agents around Australia, each of whom will be able to service your water heater.

    Bosch external water heaters are designed to be installed outside.

    There is not really anything a consumer can check other to see if there may be a smell of gas around the water heater.

    Yes - Bosch hot water heaters should have a full service, safety, and performance check carried out at least every 2 years.

    Flushing the toilet or using another cold water fixture will sometimes cause movement of water through the water heater.

    The temperature and flow rate fluctuations could be caused by a number of things.

    No. This is not a suitable size bottle for any of our appliances. A minimum of one 45kg bottle would be required.

    Yes. In most cases, LP gas is supplied from cylinders located on the customer’s premises.

    Your plumber will be able to measure the gas load of all appliances and work out the appropriate gas supply necessary.

    An auto changeover system is preferable as this ensures you have continuous supply of LP gas.

    No, not for all water conditions.

    Current Highflow water heaters with ‘H’ in the part number are suitable for installations involving solar input.

    In most situations a Certificate of Compliance is required.

    Yes. Only suitably qualified plumber/gasfitters are permitted to install gas hot water heaters.

    The Highflow range of water heaters, including the Eco+ and Bosch 32 models, all require 240 volts to operate.

    Your local licensed plumber/gasfitter will be able assess your hot water requirements and suggest the appropriate model for your application.

    Bosch has an extensive range of Continuous Flow water heaters which includes models suitable for internal and external installation.

    A hot water heater should be installed as close as possible to the most frequently used hot water point.

    Telephone Bosch Hot Water on 1300 30 70 37 to explain what problems you are experiencing with your water heater.

    Bosch warranty covers manufacturing defects that may occur with the appliance

    Each product has a warranty which covers any manufacturing faults.

    Installation and operation manuals for Bosch water heaters can be found on the Bosch Climate website.

    Most plumbing and trade stores will be able to sell you a Bosch Hot Water system.


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