Architects, builders, contractors and landscaping specialists are prioritising practical design in residential and commercial landscaping projects, according to feedback from delegates who attended the Boral display at the recent DesignBUILD exhibition in Sydney.

According to Charlie Condo, national general manager, Boral Roofing and Masonry East, as landscapers become more conscious of water consumption and interest in low maintenance gardens grows, the demand for practical landscaping solutions is expected to rise. He suggested that contractors and landscapers create practical, low maintenance designs with large format, stone-look concrete pavers.

Condo observed a heavy preference for practical design among architects, builders, contractors and landscaping specialists at this year’s DesignBUILD. Delegates showed strong interest in large format pavers that can be easily and cost-effectively installed in addition to Boral’s permeable paving solution, Hydrapave.

Hydrapave is a standard small format paving solution designed for use in pedestrian and light traffic areas, which allows storm water to infiltrate through small channels in the paver. The water is then detained, filter treated and dispersed, discharged or directed for re-use.

Condo said that delegates were surprised to learn a stone-like finish can be achieved with concrete Stoneworks Travertine pavers by Boral. The dark grey Bluestone pavers in this range were popular among those working with darker colour schemes. Boral also showcased its terracotta shingle metallic roof tiles, with high gloss and low or flat profiles tipped as an emerging roof tile trend.