Grey pavers are expected to trend this spring and summer in residential landscaping projects, according to Boral.

A proud supplier to House Rules on Channel Seven, Boral has based this trend prediction on the popularity of grey pavers in this year’s hit renovation show, establishing them as a must-have for adding visual interest to residential outdoor designs.

Mark Dell, national sales and marketing manager of Boral Roofing & Masonry East, explains that the grey pavers are versatile in application with their grey tones providing an appealing contrast to the earthy hues of timber decking or screening, as well as the greens and blues of surrounding garden and pool areas.

Boral’s Stoneworks Travertine pavers in Bluestone were supplied to House Rules on Channel Seven. Recommended for landscaping projects with grey-based colour schemes, Boral’s Bluestone pavers offer a bolder alternative to cream and beige tones for creating a sleek neutral look that makes a striking statement.

Dell observes that renovation shows are inspiring more homeowners to invest in improvements to their outdoor areas. Adding a paved area is a quick, simple and cost-effective option for enhancing the functionality of gardens and creating different lifestyle zones.

Homeowners are not only using pavers for pool surrounds and barbecue areas but also adding practical new design elements including paths, driveways and paved islands for pergolas. Paving is also an ideal solution for time-conscious homeowners as paved areas will reduce the size of the lawn and mowing required.

Stoneworks Travertine pavers measure 500mm x 500mm and are available in standard and bullnose formats, making them suitable for steps, paths, courtyards and poolside applications.