THE Altrac gantry system can be mounted standing on the floor or from the roof. The lightweight aluminium structure requires few supports and can be mounted to most existing roof structures. The Altrac jib system has a smaller scope than the gantry system, and can be a useful tool for repetitive station operation. These systems can accommodate up to 1,000 kg SWL and handle any type of lifting mechanism. Manual, electric, pneumatic or vacuum hoists can be attached to either system.

The six-wheel trolleys design allows them to run smoothly even when the cross travel beam is slewed to one side or moving around a bend. This means the trolleys will not stick or require additional effort from the person moving the system. Even though the system is running slewed, the stops at the end of the down travel section will prevent the front-running trolley from falling off the end.

Altrac comes as a pre-engineered, modular structure in kit format that the purchaser can install. The track is self-cleaning and will not flake off or corrode. Bomac Engineering’s products are compliant with Australian safety codes, including Australian Crane Code AS1418.

Source: Construction Contractor