Bomac Engineering’s Altrac rail can be used to create rigid rail height safety systems for maintenance on large cranes, trucks and other on-site construction and mining equipment. A permanent system can be installed at a dedicated maintenance site or set up for site-to-site relocation.

This rail has a deflection of less than 50mm, considered a negligible amount. This type of height safety system is preferred by the Australian Standards when fall clearance is less than 6.5m and deflection could lead to the user hitting the ground.

Altrac and the accompanying Trac Trolleys, with sealed-for-life bearings and a rounded self-cleaning shape, are ideal for rugged and harsh environments. The strong, high-tensile aluminium rail accommodates multiple users and long spans. Bomac’s height safety products have been comprehensively tested to meet and exceed the Australian Fall Arrest Code AS1891.

Bomac is Australian owned, and its products are Australian designed, sourced and fabricated. Altrac was named the 2006 Innovative Industrial Product of the Year at the Manufacturers’ Monthly annual Endeavour Awards.