Operable walls from Bildspec were successfully installed at the Telstra head office in Bourke, NSW during a recent refurbishment.

Bildspec’s Series 100 operable walls divide a large space at the Telstra office to accommodate a 14-seat boardroom and a separate lunchroom. The high-quality moveable walls feature strong acoustic properties to maintain a quiet and confidential boardroom environment, even while noisy lunches take place right next door at the same time.

When not required, these operable walls can be moved out of the way to transform the space into a large multi-use area suitable for larger meetings, gatherings and functions. For further ease of use, the acoustic walls have been configured to stack away smoothly to the side of the opening using a combination of Bildspec’s premium No 1 track and curves.

Additionally, two expander panels along with an ‘L’ inset door provide access into the boardroom when the operable wall is in place.

Bildspec supplied their operable walls in an attractive 9mm-thick Woven Image Muse Fluid colour: 548 (Golden Eye) finish to achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome. This visually appealing fabric also complies with ISO 354-2006 and has an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) value of 0.30; these properties ensure adequate sound absorption to achieve the acoustic ratings sought by Telstra.