Peakstone is a Singapore-headquartered property investment and development company that is transforming the Australian commercial and residential property landscape through the investment and management of quality property assets.

Bildspec operable walls were recently chosen by Sheldon Commercial Interiors for Peakstone’s office fitout in Clarence Street, Sydney.

Bildspec’s Series 100 Rw49 side stacking operable wall installed at the office allows Peakstone to create 14-person and 8-person meeting room spaces when required or open the wall to turn the space into a town hall-style presentation and training area.

Bildspec operable walls

Operable walls are moveable acoustic wall panels that limit the transfer of sound from the adjacent space into the smaller individual space. Bildspec’s operable walls allow commercial tenants greater flexibility with their office spaces, enabling them to create meeting rooms, boardrooms and breakout rooms among others. These moveable wall panels offer each application varying acoustic properties and are also visually appealing.

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