The Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) is a statutory authority that assists all governments and the education and care sector in implementing the National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care throughout Australia. ACECQA provides guidance, resources and services to support the sector to improve outcomes for children.

ACECQA’s Sydney office incorporates a Bildspec Series 100 Rw47 centre-stacking operable wall with bottom mechanical retracting seals. Specified by True North Architects for builder Sheldon Commercial Interiors, the operable wall divides the boardroom/training room area from their main meeting room.

Operable walls are acoustic office partitions, which aid a flexible work environment, allowing for either small, private spaces to work when needed, or larger spaces to collaborate and socialise with their colleagues. One space can be converted into multiple, smaller spaces, whether it is turning a large open plan area into a series of meeting rooms, or sectioning off rest, eat or play areas away from the busy working environment. These office partitions allow a limited transfer of sound from the external office into the smaller individual space.

The acoustic office partition is finished in Woven Image EchoPanel 12mm with an inset vitreous enamel magnetic whiteboard. Vitreous enamel was chosen as the writeable service in order to give both longevity and allow the surface to be clearly projected upon.

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