A recent global survey on commercial real estate trends by JLL revealed that employees favoured working more hours from home; however, they also wanted their workplaces to be inspiring with a greater emphasis on personal wellbeing.

According to JLL’s Peter Braig, office and workplace design needs to change to keep up with Australia’s rapidly evolving working preferences. For instance, employees preferred to use offices to resolve work issues or collaborate with colleagues. They also wanted more health and wellbeing services in the workplace.

Michael Greene, also of JLL, said, “I think there will be moves towards changing the style of the office to make it a meeting place, a collaborative place, not just a place to do concentrated work. People want to feel comfortable and employers will need to do more to attract them into the office because a lot of the process work can be done very well at home.”

Many offices rely on acoustic operable walls from Bildspec to create flexible and creative workspaces including meeting rooms and multipurpose breakout spaces. These operable walls have varying acoustic properties, and are highly attractive and user-friendly.

Companies can choose from several flexible material options including glass, timber veneer, high pressure laminates, 2 pack polyurethane, colour back glass and fabric face finishes. The final choice depends on the look, feel and acoustic environment being sought for the workspace.

Image: Creative workspace at Warner Music