Bildspec recently completed another quality installation for School Infrastructure NSW at Clemton Park Public School.

Bildspec installed a Series 100 Rw45 centre stacking operable wall to separate two classrooms, allowing both classrooms to operate simultaneously without unwanted sound transmission between the two spaces.

Undesirable noise in classrooms is detrimental to learning outcomes due to reduced speech intelligibility, caused by external noise, sounds transferred between individual spaces including impact noise, and reverberation time.

The high acoustic ratings achieved by Bildspec acoustic moveable walls facilitate flexible learning spaces where children can learn in a quiet yet robust physical environment. This is achieved by greatly reducing external noise from passing into each classroom.

Furthermore, various face finishes used on the surface of each operable partition wall can improve the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient)/ reverberation acoustic quality of the space through sound absorption. Careful consideration should be given to choosing face finishes that assist in absorbing the frequencies of speech, referred to as articulate speech frequencies.

The school chose Autex Composition as the panel face finish. Autex Composition is a high-performance acoustic wallcovering with a rich colour and soft yet durable polyester fibre finish. The hook-and-loop receptive pile and pin-able self-healing surface lends itself to creative and education focused spaces, providing a blank canvas for budding ideas and visual expression.