Bent and Curved Glass supplied curved glass for the windows and penthouse balustrade at the Campbell Parade apartments overlooking Bondi Beach.

Curved glass was an essential element in translating the undulating flow of Tzannes Architects’ facade design while opening up an uninterrupted view to Bondi Beach. To achieve their design vision for the apartments, the architects sought to maximise optical quality and dimensional accuracy; the glass was, therefore, manufactured with a complex curved profile incorporating flat tangents at each end to minimise the number of silicone joints.

Working closely with the architects, developer, builder and installation contractors, Bent and Curved Glass was able to provide the glazing design solutions while delivering the required aesthetics within the very tight budget.

Products supplied by Bent and Curved Glass:

Windows: 10.76mm clear laminated curved glass - 2 layers 5mm clear annealed glass with 0.76mm clear PVB interlayer.

Penthouse balustrade: 10mm clear toughened curved glass - cantilever frameless panels side fixed with standoff fittings to wall.

The window installations were managed by Architectural Projects Systems while the balustrade was installed by Anjie Australia.

Photographer: Ben Guthire