Bent and Curved Glass  was called upon to supply a unique curved glass domelight as part of a design solution that aimed to create a stimulating learning environment for children with autism.  

Chris Mury of Mury Architects enlisted the help of specialist glass manufacturer, Bent and Curved Glass to create the curved glass domelight at the Giant Steps School, which sought a design that would support innovative teaching techniques for children confronted with many lifelong challenges.  

The design objective was to create a focal point to a new teaching space with the central curved glass domelight or oculus manufactured by Bent and Curved Glass functioning as a key element in the solution.  

Chris Mury explains that the glazed oculus serves as much as an educative tool as a means for providing light into a deep interior space.  

Using Low E thermal performance glass, Bent and Curved Glass worked with Mury Architects in the early design phase determining the maximum size and shape parameters achievable in the bending furnace.  

Mury says that the glazing solution has proved itself with the space remaining comfortable during summer, adding that the curved glass domelight has definitely exceeded the expected functional success, particularly in terms of the children’s use of the space and their interaction with the light filtered through the oculus as it casts a moving circle of light on the floor through the day.  

The curved glass dome is carved out of a colourful shaped ceiling plane creating a strong visual memory of the space, which is important for the children in creating a suitable learning environment.  

The project has gained well deserved recognition, winning the Viridian Vision Award 2011 for Best Use of Glass in Commercial Interiors in addition to being listed as Finalist in the Australian Interior Design Awards for Colour in Commercial Design and receiving the RAIA NSW Chapter Architecture Awards Commendation.