The innovative Cleanseal flange and cover system from Bendtech has recorded strong growth in sales from the residential housing sector.
Designed for use in hospitals and aged care facilities, the ergonomic and heavy duty Cleanseal product from Australia’s leading tubular stainless steel manufacturer Bendtech is now proving to be in high demand in the residential segment from architects, builders and home renovators.
Bendtech’s CEO and Managing Director Tim Shalders attributes the trend to a stronger awareness of hygiene and safety when it comes to the design of residential bathrooms. The cutting-edge stainless steel flange and cover system offers a flange alternative for hand rails, towel racks and shower systems in bathrooms, not only providing enhanced structural strength, but also inhibiting bacterial build-up.
According to Mr Shalders, the Cleanseal flange and cover system was initially designed for use by aged and health care facilities to ensure a hygienic environment in showers and bathrooms as per compliance requirements. The increasing demand for the product in new residential and commercial building developments is a result of homeowners and developers wanting quality, long lasting and hygienic fittings in their bathrooms.
He explains that bathrooms in particular require intensive steam cleaning, especially around shower and grab rails, as these areas are exposed to bodily fluids, soap scum and mould spoors, leading to bacterial growth. Cleaning these fittings requires an elaborate process of dismantling and steaming out the deposits, which can be time-consuming and costly.
The Cleanseal flange and cover system is a cost-effective alternative to standard fittings, and can be effectively mounted to inhibit bacteria and eliminate the need to clean internally.
Key features of Cleanseal flange and cover system:

  • Fully compliant with Australian Standards
  • Stainless steel construction and a silicon seal on both the wall and rail
  • Crevice-free design also allows quick and easy installation
  • Will not require replacing or internal cleaning once mounted
Bendtech has also introduced a new online ordering system for the retail sector to meet the recent demand and consistent enquiries. The new online ordering system allows consumers to access information and buy Bendtech’s hygienic, durable and low maintenance products for everyday use around their home.
Most Bendtech products have been engineered for easy installation in any household. In addition to the Cleanseal product, their bathroom accessories and shower system kits are also attracting the attention of consumers from outside the health and aged care market. Bendtech grab rails, for instance are increasingly being used by home and apartment renovators, especially for the elderly segment.
The Brisbane-based company manufactures grab rails, folding shower seats, shower curtain tracks and curtains, modular grab rail systems, shower and bathroom rails, bathroom accessories and back rests as well as fold up, swing-away and floor/ceiling products.