Leading Australian tubular stainless steel manufacturer Bendtech introduces the innovative ‘glow in the dark’ grab rail specifically designed for the aged and healthcare segments.
Featuring cutting-edge stainless steel technology, engineering and design, the patented tubular grab rails glow in the dark for up to 7 hours. The innovative glow strip technology was designed for the elderly and aged care segments as an alternative to standard stainless steel grab rails in bathrooms and corridors, providing an ideal lighting solution during the night or for power failures.
Specialising in designing and manufacturing products for the health and aged care industries, Bendtech CEO and Managing Director Tim Shalders explained that the glow rail technology was designed to increase safety at night or in dimly lit areas. The company focusses on designing and developing quality products that are unique in design and will give the end user peace of mind, support and safety.
Given that Bendtech was already custom-making stainless steel products particularly for the Australian health and aged care sector, they saw an opportunity to further assist these industries with the design of the glow rail product.
According to Mr Shalders, the glow rail was developed particularly for the elderly, disabled and visually impaired who require grab rails in bathrooms or other areas where support is necessary. Even if power is switched off at night in the bathroom, the glow rails will provide a luminous glow throughout the night that requires no power or electrical source, ensuring ongoing safety and support.
The rails store energy when exposed to daylight or lighting, and emit a dim glow for hours on end when lighting is out.
Bendtech Production Director and product designer Jason Cerezo explains that the luminous technology is a mix of phosphorescent materials embedded into the rail’s insertions, which allows the grab rails to glow for an extended period of time without the need for added incandescent lighting or power.
In addition to the health and aged care segments, the glow rail is also ideal for stairways, corridors, fire exits or public amenities where lighting is low or off.
Key features of Bendtech’s glow rails:

  • Made of tubular stainless steel
  • Glow comes from phosphorescent materials embedded in the rail’s insertions
  • Glows for up to seven hours each night
  • Removable insertions will last up to 10 years
  • Available in different configurations
  • Compliant with Australian Standards
  • TGA registered
The Brisbane-based Bendtech has been designing and manufacturing innovative stainless steel products for the Australian market for over 30 years with their product range including grab rails, folding shower seats, shower curtain tracks and curtains, modular grab rail systems, shower and bathroom rails, bathroom accessories and back rests as well as fold up, swing-away and floor/ceiling products.

Engineered to ensure maximum safety, the grab rail products are available in satin, polished or powder coated finish.