Australian company Bella Lujo has introduced an attractive range of affordably priced luxury light switches and power points for new builds and renovation projects.

Designed to replace existing ugly white plastic light switches and power points, the new Luminosa Vetro range fills a gap in the market for sleek glass lighting accessories.

The European-inspired Luminosa Vetro glass light switches feature minimalist design and precision manufacturing, imparting a high-end finishing touch to any residential or commercial project.

Standout features in the Luminosa Vetro glass light switches and power points include stunning, toughened glass faceplates featuring chrome trims, anti-fingerprint coating for effortless maintenance, and choice of elegant colours such as white, black, silver and neutral.

Luminosa’s Vetro line offers configurations of 1-6 switches, single and double power points, data points, dimmers and fan controllers, all with glass faceplates. The range also comes in two size options: standard Australian sizes to suit retrofits and new builds, and a European size measuring 86 x 86mm to give new builds a unique edge.

Managing Director Serge Nagra describes Luminosa’s arrival as long overdue, especially for the renovation segment where people spend thousands updating their home, only to be let down by a lack of high end, yet affordable finishing touches such as light switches and power points.

Luminosa’s extensive range of truly affordable, yet luxurious switches now gives consumers the choice of adding the finishing details that distinguish upscale properties from lower priced product.

All models in the Luminosa range are Australian Standard Certified and easy for a qualified electrician to install or retrofit into an existing bracket.