The Renaza collection newly introduced by Bella Lujo is an eco-friendly range of mosaic timber tiles crafted from 100-year-old hardwood, sustainably sourced from decommissioned boats.

Bella Lujo is the Australian creator of affordably priced, luxurious interior fixtures and finishes. 

Spanish for ‘reborn’, Renaza is a truly unique range of timber tiles in the market, and offers an affordable and ecologically sound way to bring the warmth and spirit of timber to any interior.

True to its name, the Renaza range of tiles is made from timber seasoned by the elements after a century at sea, possessing an incredible resilience and rich character. Crafted into mosaic form, the timber tiles can be used internally on walls and ceilings, as well as for some external applications. This application versatility sees the installation of the timber tiles in bedrooms, lounge rooms, entrance ways, kitchens, living rooms, commercial offices, boardrooms, cafes, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, bars and lobbies.

Available in two sizes - 300mm x 300mm and 600mm x 300mm, the Renaza range offers a choice of two distinct finishes, both suited to a diverse range of interior styles, from coastal, contemporary and industrial to country, shabby chic, vintage, traditional and eclectic.

Rustico is a naturally finished, minimally tooled range that allows the raw spirit of timber to shine through; these timber tiles are perfect for relaxed interiors that favour an organic aesthetic.

Silva is a polished, refined treatment of the same hardwood, making a statement of underplayed elegance and perfect for high end projects where sleek lines and premium finishes reign supreme. Silva is ideal for contemporary interiors, the warmth and beauty of the timber grain providing a stunning contrast to modern, man-made synthetic surfaces.

Renaza Managing Partner, Matthew Gooding says the response to the recycled timber tiles has been overwhelming with their first shipment selling out in just two weeks. 

Renaza timber tiles offer several advantages to interior designers, architects and home renovators, including sustainability, high quality and uniqueness. The eco-friendly characteristics are particularly welcomed by the user base as the tiles allow them to enjoy the beauty of timber without any cost to the environment. 

The recycled timber tiles can be installed onto any solid surface such as gyprock, fibrous cement sheeting, brick or render using a flexible construction adhesive. The extreme durability and visually stunning appearance of the tiles facilitate endless applications. Since no two tiles are identical, each project forms its own unique character.