Bathroom Blue  is a premier service provider for bath tub restoration and tile restoration works. In addition to this, the company also does projects on bath tub cleaning and repairing. All types of baths require maintenance and servicing on a periodic basis and Bathroom Blue offers these services at affordable prices while also performing them at short time spans.

Bath tubs are covered by a layer of enamelling which gives them a uniform and elegant look. Though this layer is resistant to external forces, the enamelling withers off with time due to pressure and frequency of usage. Bathroom Blue has technicians to enamel and re enamel old and antique bath tubs to give them a lustrous glaze without causing any mess to the work area. This involves chemical treatment of the tub to remove the degraded enamel, application of a new enamel coating, spraying a colour of the customer’s choice and the final drying process.

Re enamelling involves re surfacing the entire bathroom while also fixing the problems of dirt, cracks, peelings and lime scaling. This is always a better option than re tiling which would cost more and consume more time.

Bathroom Blue also offers tile re surfacing and tile restoration services to fix crevices, cracks and also clean and re glaze old bathroom floors and panels.