Bathroom Blue  is a service company that undertakes projects for bath tub cleaning and glazing. Old baths and bath rooms can be restored to their default elegance by regular maintenance and cleaning. This also involves glazing, enamelling and re enamelling the tubs from time to time.

Bathroom Blue offers these restoration services at economical rates along with expert technicians to work on different types of problem related to bath ware restoration. All stains, cracks, peelings and scuff marks are made to disappear through quick and efficient processes.

A Bathroom Blue technician only takes three to four hours to complete a full cleaning and restoration and the user can start usage immediately after twenty four hours. Bath tub glazing which can save a lot of time and money for the customer is also done by Bathroom Blue. Glazing can also be done to old basins, baths and shower bases. Bath tub re glazing is also done by Bathroom Blue which involves stripping the old bath of its finishing and applying a new surface.

The entire glazing process takes only twenty four hours and Bathroom Blue technicians promise an attractive and elegant transformation of the user’s old bath.