Basil VR Greatrex  offers a range of plumbing consumables such as gas seals, silicon tapes, Teflon tape, thread sealants, cleaners, degreasers and activators. Basil VR Greatrex supplies plumbing consumables for Facot Chemicals. Facot Chemicals manufactures high quality chemicals which are extensively used by plumbers, maintenance operators and installers all around the world. Basil VR Greatrex also supplies glues, anaerobic, Teflon tapes, tapes and hemp, soldering, brazing fluxes and many similar products.

Basil VR Greatrex supplies a wide range of plumbing consumables which includes regular, silver and aluminium fluxes, TOT and plastic joint thread sealants, heat barrier products, leak detectors; anti seize compounds, markers, acid brush, zoom spout, heat seal, pan seal and many similar types of products. Basil VR Greatrex distributes these plumbing consumables for Laco Industries. Laco Industries is a USA manufacturer of plumbing chemicals and markers. In the plumbing and refrigeration industries, Laco Industries’ products are used for soldering, brazing, protecting, sealing and marking all types of pipes, threaded connections and other materials.

Basil VR Greatrex supplies insulated couplings which help in minimising the time required to insulate copper tubing used for refrigerant lines, hot and cold water plumbing and chilled water systems. The Klo-Shure insulated coupling can even be used to secure two lengths of insulation.