Basil VR Greatrex  specialises in manufacturing and supplying refrigeration, compressed air and plumbing equipment. Basil VR Greatrex was established in 1919 and has been supplying refrigeration, compressed air and plumbing equipment for over 80 years.

Basil VR Greatrex is the Australian distributor for a number of global manufacturers who includes Advanced Technology International, Beko Technologies, CS Instruments, Facot Chemicals, J/B Industries, Klo-Shure, Laco Industries, LeekSeek, Liverpool Patents, Nyad Inc and SPX Hankison.

Basil VR Greatrex offers new and up to date technology that helps in increasing productivity and reduces costs across a range of industries. Products supplied by Basil VR Greatrex are used in many different industries such as food processing, steel, mining, security, packaging, paper and printing, medical, transport, textiles, plumbing, to name few.

Basil VR Greatrex offers deep vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges and accessories, charging, testing tools and accessories as well as valves and fittings from J/B Industries. J/B Industries is known for manufacturing high quality deep vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, refrigeration tools and accessories. The vacuum pumps series are rugged, reliable and last for a long time. J/B Industries has recently introduced a number of new and innovative products that helps in making the refrigeration mechanics job much easier.