BASF 's SONOSHIELD SONOGUARD was part of the list of waterproofing products used for the largest green roof of its kind in Sydney - the Prince Alfred Park Pool Green Roof.

Located on the edge of central Sydney, Prince Alfred Park is a place for lunchtime workers to relax, as well as a recreational park for local residents. The City of Sydney had approached Neeson Murcutt Architects and Sue Barnsley Design to upgrade an existing pool within the park.

Modifying the existing shell of the building, the design team added a new services and pool facilities building and a pool concourse, but wanted to do so as discretely as possible.

In response, they came up with a ‘folded landscape’ strategy, whereby meadows of native grass in the park have been ‘folded over’ the pool facilities to create a rolling park landscape.

“The green roof was a direct result of an urban strategy about the park. Folding a park over the building enabled us to minimise the impact the building had on the park,” said Rachel Neeson of Neeson Murcutt Architects.

“It also meant that you don’t see Chalmers Street from the pool space itself – you don’t see the traffic, or hear the buses. The pool space becomes other-worldly.”

With landscape premiated over built form, the design of the 2,320sqm green roof has evolved beyond a meadow camouflage. Topped with 35, 917 plants, it is also important in the context of the park’s other landscape elements, ensuring continuity between the spaces and encouraging movement.

Landscape architect Sue Barnsley adds that the team was interested in bringing an ecological sensibility to the new park that recognised new maintenance practices. Limiting mowing, discouraging access and creating habitat have allowed the ‘urban meadows’ to add colour and texture to the parklands.

The stabilising and drainage materials were carefully chosen by project engineers, Acor, who, with the architects, selected the waterproofing products. BASF Conipur M865 Thix membrane, and BASF Sonoguard Top Coat, a moisture-cure polyurethane waterproofing membrane system, have been used.

The SONOSHIELD SONOGUARD is a liquid applied moisture-cure polyurethane seamless waterproofing membrane system, with an integral aggregate surface.

Its tough, continuously elastomeric properties achieve long-term protection against water ingress. High skid resistance with alaphatic top coat further ensures long life and suitability for public locations.

Recommended for waterproofing exterior surfaces, the SONOSHIELD SONOGUARD provides a durable membrane to baconies, plaza decks, apartments rooftops and plant rooms.


Photography by Brett Boardman. Images courtesy of Sydney Design Awards.