BASF - The Chemical Company announces the launch of a new ground-breaking concrete admixture range based on new technology that reduces viscosity in concrete by up to 30 percent. This combination of low viscosity and concrete mix stability facilitates improved mixing, pumping, placing and finishing of high performance concrete.

Launched under the Master Builders Solutions brand, the new MasterEase admixture range is based on a novel and patent protected polymer technology, which helps to reduce plastic viscosity in concrete by up to 30 percent. The reduced viscosity substantially lowers the pumping pressure required, simplifying the placing and finishing of concrete, and resulting in a faster and more economical solution.

Angus Peruzzo, Head of Construction, Australia and New Zealand, BASF said that the company seeks to meet their customers’ needs, master construction challenges and contribute to their success with innovative products such as MasterEase.

According to John Brooks, Marketing Manager, Admixture Systems, BASF Australia and New Zealand, the latest release follows the introduction of pioneering concrete technologies such as MasterGlenium and Master X-Seed to the concrete industry. Ease stands for ease of mixing, pumping, placing, levelling and finishing of concrete.

BASF’s new concrete admixture technology, MasterEase benefits both concrete producers and users in many ways. Being flexible, MasterEase concrete admixtures can be adapted to challenging situations such as temperature variations.

John Brooks explains that the high level of rheology and long workability are added value for contractors in terms of concrete durability. Being easy to place, trowel and pump, this concrete helps save time and cost in every single construction project. MasterEase also improves utilisation of the transportation fleet and equipment and reduces wear on mixers, pumps and pipelines.

Additionally, the possibility to reduce the quantity of water even further during mixing without impacting the concrete rheology opens up new possibilities for improvement in concrete mix designs, leading to higher performance and better durability.

BASF’s new technology is particularly suitable for concrete mixes, which are optimised for advanced engineering properties and sustainability. High-strength concrete with low water-cement ratios, as well as mixes with higher levels of secondary cementitious materials, reduce carbon footprint and are easier to produce and place, helping engineers and investors improve the sustainability ratings of their projects.