CONIDECK 2203 is a liquid applied, crack bridging traffic deck outdoor waterproofing solution from BASF – The Chemical

The outdoor waterproofing membrane provides an attractive, seamless coating that is skid, UV and weather resistant.

It is also resistant to petrol, diesel oil, battery acid, de-icing salts and alkaline cleaners.

Easy to clean and maintain, the outdoor waterproofing membrane is particularly designed for use on exposed decks and ramps.

It can also be used on intermediate decks underneath, such as offices, sales rooms and storerooms.

The outdoor waterproofing membrane is comprised of various advanced polymeric materials, including:

  • A fast curing polyurethane primer
  • A spray applied elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing membrane
  • A fast curing polyurethane wear coat 
  • A polyaspartic top coat