Available in Australia since 2002, MBT ’s Conipur 255 high performance waterproofing system is proving popular due to the speed with which the system can be applied.

Whereas most membranes required an extended clear period for application and curing time, Conipur 255 membranes are totally inert and resistant to weather after only 20 seconds. This not only helps to overcome the problems associated with delays caused by impending wet weather, it also eliminates issues of lengthy delays to subsequent works while other trades wait for the waterproofing membrane to cure and harden.

Applied as a sprayed liquid using a computer-controlled high pressure sealed spraying system, Conipur 255 sets to form a solid, impervious, monolithic membrane within 20 seconds of appplication - delivering uniform coverage and maximum protection, and minimising the risk of leaky joints or seams while allowing structural detailing to be completed quickly and efficiently. Conipur 255 is available in a range of build-up formulations to suit a variety of applications including bridges, roofs, trafficable deck areas, multi-storey car parks, subterranean structures, below grade structures, landscaped areas and in restorative work for concrete structures.

Recently, over 750sq m of Conipur 255 was used in a luxury apartment redevelopment project in central Sydney, applied to balconies and the surrouding planter boxes while bathrooms and wet areas were waterproofed using Conipur 255 CDM (Covered Deck Membrane).

“This is the first time that we have used the Conipur 255 waterproofing membrane and we’re extremely happy with the results,” says Ben Sheridan, project manager with Multiplex, developers of the project. “Not only has it given us an attractive and even finish, the fact that it cures almost immediately meant that the other trades could start working on or near the treated areas almost as soon as the spraying was completed.”

Source: Building Products News.