One of the most difficult challenges facing the building designer is matching the look wanted in the house against the budget available to build it.

The roof is a major design element of the house, and an integral part of the styling, particularly for the traditional colonial and Federation type homes.

And while slate has been the roofing materials traditionally chosen to achieve this effect, Barrington Roof Slate from Barrington Roof Tiles is now regarded as an alternative. Australian made, Barrington looks like natural slate and combines the benefits of cost and performance to produce a roof that challenges anyone to see the difference.

The shingle design produces the slate look, yet is said to provide a number of advantages over slate. These include reduced roof weight, as the weight of the Barrington is quarter that of slate, high strength as the tile is made from high strength materials, and an interlocking design helps reduce the installation time, but also acts to help the flow of water across the roof. Installed the shingle looks like the real thing.

Source: Building Products News.