The French Provincial style of home that is popular in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, is known for its impressive architecture and classic European features, and Mimmo Scrimizzi’s five-bedroom, two-storey home is no exception.

With touches of neoclassical and baroque design, the 100 square metre, rendered brick house is as grand and imposing as the Palace of Versailles after which it was modelled. It demonstrates all the well-recognised characteristics of French Provincial architecture including tall narrow windows, French doors and a steeply pitched roof.

While slate is the traditional tile of choice for European inspired houses such as these, Mimmo chose to embrace a modern, technologically sophisticated Barrington Roof Tiles roofing system that has the appearance of natural slate but offers durability and weatherproofing characteristics.

According to Mimmo, when he and his wife began building their house in early 2006 they had not decided on a roof tile. However, after considering asphalt, terracotta and even natural slate, the couple opted for Barrington Roof Tiles, which their architect had suggested during their search for roof tiles.

“Being in the French Provincial style the roof is very steep, about a 45°pitch, so it is very much ‘in your face’,” Mimmo said. “Because it features so prominently, I felt it was very important to select a roof tile that would suit this style of house and be easy to look after, and I have been able to achieve both with Barrington Roof Tiles.”

After seeing Barrington tiles installed on a retirement village and meeting with company owner, Brian Hughes, Mimmo realised it would be perfect product or his home.

“We have lots of possums living in the area, so Barrington’s interlocking design is vital in keeping them out of the roof. Even though it was a very last minute decision – we were at the framing stage by then – I knew Barrington would work the best, Mimmo said.

After discussing the project with both his architect and Brian Hughes, Mimmo selected the smaller Barrington Slate Tile. Manufactured from Torbex, which is a high-strength, lightweight structural composite, each Slate Tile measures 300mm x 336mm and weighs just 800 grams.

According to Mimmo, since moving in during May 2007, visitors have continually commented on the roof.

“It’s usually one of the first things people notice and they all say how impressive it is,” Mimmo said. “I’ve already recommended Barrington Roof Tiles to a friend who has installed it on his new home and, even though his house is a very contemporary design, it still looks great.

“I really couldn’t be happier with my roof because I have a product that looks fantastic, is guaranteed for life and that I know I will have no maintenance issues with and you can’t promise that with natural slate. There is a lot of character about the French Provincial style of home and it’s a look that will never date, and neither will Barrington Roof Tiles.”