In a time when everyone is watching their penny's it can be difficult for a designer to match the look a customer wants for their new home with their budget, particularly when it comes to the roof. Barrington Roof Tiles now offer a solution to giving customers the roof they want, within budget.

The roof has an integral part in the styling of a home, particularly for colonial and federation type homes which traditionally have slate roofs. Unfortunately the price tag on slate roofs often mean they do not fit into the customers budget. This no longer needs to be a problem however with Barrington Roof Slate which is now regarded as an ideal alternative for the budget concious.

Australian made, Barrington Roof Slate not only produces a shingle design that has a natural slate look and challenges anyone to tell the difference, but also provides a number of advantages over slate.

Barrington Roof Slate is made from high strength materials and weigh just a quarter of what slate weighs meaning the roof is very strong and it's overall weight is dramatically lower than a roof made of natural slate. The tiles are also made to an interlocking design to help reduce installation time and help the flow of water across the roof.