Barnes Products  manufacture varieties of casting and moulding products. Effects and finishes offered by Barnes Products include colortec, flocking, metal coatings and steel wool, among others. Colourtec is a water repellent coating which provides protection to mineral surfaces. The unique feature of Colortec is that it becomes invisible when dry, and is effective against oil and food spills, as well as industrial emissions and aggressive dirts. It functions like a protective coating oil, as well as a dirt repellent on cement surfaces. Colortec is solvent free and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is non yellowing and also does not change the natural colour of the surface.

Fillers manufactured by Barnes Products include Aluminium granules, Cabosil, Illuminous powder, Industrial talc, Marble chip, Pool dust, Slate powder and much more. Aluminium granules are used for filling resin moulds for the purpose of vacuum forming and low pressure injection, while Cabosil is a lightweight compound and acts as a universal thickener. Industrial talc is a cost effective filler which reduces exotherm of resins.

Barnes Products also manufactures life casting products such as Accucast, Alginate bonder, Alginates and Clone FX. Accucast is a hydrocolloid moulding material and is irreversible. Unique features of Accucast include low shrinkage rates and high tear strength.