Barnes Products  was established in 1986 by Kevin and Maria Barnes with the ideology of introducing some fine class materials like polyurethane, silicone rubber and gypsum for pattern making, mould making and model making.

Barnes Products is specialised in marketing hobby and professional materials which includes the following products:

  • Sculpting and modelling clays
  • Polymer clays
  • Epoxy sculpting clays
  • Sculpting tools and armature wire
  • Latex
  • Plasters and stones
  • Alginate
  • RTV Silicone mould rubber
  • Polyurethane casting compounds
  • Foam Latex

Products like 4PU which is known as Polyurethane Resin has quick gelling properties. 4PU has low viscosity which helps it to form a hard and tough casting. 4PU is also found to be moisture resistant. 4PU could be used to make models, picture frames, decorative components.

Barnes online offers even books, videos and DVDs which gives a clear picture about sculpt learning and mould making. They also offer many chemicals like acetone, dry air and alcohol.

Different types of Gysums are also manufactured like Casting Plaster, Dental trays and Garden cast. As a part of Sculpting supplies, Barnes Products manufactures Armature Wires which offers rigidity to many clay sculpts.

Flexil Hot Melt compound is a good moulding material with good dimensional stability. Barnes Products also produce several wax products such as carving wax, jewellery wax, jelly wax, wax sheet to name a few.