Barkley Industries  supplies quality parts, equipment and machineries such as rigid trucks, articulated trucks and mining haul trucks for construction projects. Other equipment include Hosecomatic portable hose repair system, Terex mine and quarry trucks, Moxy articulated dump trucks, fasteners for earth moving equipment, ground engaging tools, Tungsten carbine coatings, total lubricants and Kuani heavy duty pneumatic tools.

The Hosecomatic hose repair system helps in repairing hydraulic hoses and reduces expensive downtime by fixing the blown hoses. This repairing system is ideally suited for farming, mining, industry, forestry construction, marine and public utilities.

Barkley Industries supplies TEREX rigid, articulated and mining haul trucks. These haul trucks provide tailor-made solutions for all job sites.

Terex mining trucks from Barkley Industries include an advanced beam axle suspension and long frame life along with low maintenance requirement and high productivity cab. The haul trucks also include safety features for easy and safe operations. A wide range of mining trucks are available with different payload capacity.

Terex rigid trucks are designed with a rugged frame to provide superior levels of productivity in the roughest terrain. Terex rigid trucks are available with payloads ranging from 35 tons to 100 tons.