Barkley Industries  specialises in supplying hose repair systems, fasteners, ground engaging tools, lubricants and pneumatic tools. Mine trucks, quarry trucks and dump are also available from Barkley Industries.

Barkley Industries offers a complete range of ground engaging tools, including Scraper Center and End Cutting Edges. The ground engaging tools are ideal for all makes and models of machinery. Barkley Industries supplies fasteners for earthmoving equipment and

Barkley Industries supplies tungsten carbide coatings which provide increased protection and extends the life of the wear parts. Tungsten carbide coatings can be used in rippers, dozer cutting edges, dozer end bits, adaptors, dredges, drag line buckets, scraper router bits, scraper cutting edges, graders, scarifier tips, compactor feet, tillage points, tynes, slasher blades and cane harvesters.

Barkley Industries supplies Total lubricants which give higher performance levels to extend the life of the equipment and to reduce fuel consumption. Barkley Industries offers a complete range of Total lubricants products.