Bang & Olufsen  manufactures loudspeakers and telephones mobile phones and earphones. Bang & Olufsen uses high technology in their manufacture and thus the products are competent and highly acceptable. Loudspeakers and telephones produced by Bang & Olufsen are of various varieties and available in different models. Every model at Bang & Olufsen has its unique feature and style. These add to the lifestyle of the people and their standard automatically gets reflected by these loudspeakers and telephones.

Loudspeakers, which are also known as speaker phones, are available in fourteen different models at Bang & Olufsen. Every model of speakerphones is different from each other and has its own specialities. Different models available under speakerphones are BeoLab 5, BeoLab 9, BeoLab 8000, BeoLab 6000, BeoLab 3, and BeoLab 3500, etc.

Bang & Olufsen manufactures a wide range of telephones mobile phones and earphones. These are available in different shapes and sizes and various colours. Bang & Olufsen also has mobile phones under the category of telephones. The shape of mobile phone of Bang & Olufsen is different from any other mobile and this gives it a unique look. The different models available under the telephone category include Beocom 1, Beocom 2, Beocom 4, Beocom1401, Serene Mobile, Earset 2, Earset 1 Home, and Earset 1 Mobile.