Bang & Olufsen  has been producing various types of sophisticated and attractive electronic equipments such as digital media, home integration, car audio, etc. for over a long period of time Bang & Olufsen has created its own brand name and image in the market. The electronic equipment produced by Bang & Olufsen has made a place in the heart of the consumers by their unique and attractive features.

Bang & Olufsen produces different models of each products namely digital media, home integration, and car audio. Under the category of digital media Bang & Olufsen produces four models namely BeoLab 4PC, BeoMedia 1, Beo Player and BeoPort. All these models are stylish and attractive enough to catch hold attention of anyone.

Under its home integration category, Bang & Olufsen produces different kinds of remote control systems and wireless systems. These remote control and wireless systems make the life very easy and a person can use all his electronic audio, video systems by simply pressing the buttons of remote control from his/ her bed. These home integration systems are available under four model namely Beo5 Remote Control, Beo4 Remote Control, BeoLink, Beolink Wireless 1.

Bang & Olufsen produces car audios that are designed to make journeys pleasant. There are five models of car audios which are produced by Bang & Olufsen and these are available under the category of advanced sound systems and sound systems.