Bamboo Wholesale  offers attractive bamboo plants and these are cost effective too. [nm1] Bamboo Wholesale grows Textilis, Weavers Bamboo, Timor Black Bamboo, Ventricosa, Buddha Belly Bamboo, etc.

Textilis Bamboo is a part of the species called Weavers Bamboo. Textiles bamboo is an economical plant which is used for various economic purposes such as fencing, fluit making, weaving and handicrafts, etc.

Timor Black Bamboo is usually found in dark brown colour and has light brown and green stripes on it. Timor Black Bamboo is a medium size bamboo which grows between twelve to fifteen metres. Buddha Belly Bamboo is generally used for crafts purposes.

The bamboo varieties available with Bamboo Wholesale are available in different pot sizes which range from 200 millimetres to 400 millimetres. The height of the new plants varies between half metres to four metres.

Bamboo Wholesale operates bamboo nurseries near Kempsey, Australia and ornamental clumping bamboo species is its speciality. Customers can buy bamboo plants to grow as screens, use them as ornamental plants; for soil and slope stabilisation and for hedges and windbreaks. Bamboo for timber poles and edible bamboo shoot production; bamboo for groves, bamboo for city, suburban and rural landscapes, colourful and foliage plants and small, advanced and bare-rooted plants are also available at Bamboo Wholesale.

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