Bamboo Wholesale  grows various varieties of bamboo which include Alphonse karr hedging bamboo, Amoenus, Ghost bamboo, Atro, Java black bamboo, Atter bamboo, Black Asper bamboo, Brandisii bamboo, Chungi, Blue bamboo, Drepano, Himalayan weeping bamboo, Gracilis, Small weavers bamboo, Latiflorus, Taiwan giant bamboo, Oldhami bamboo, Stripestem Fernleaf hedging bamboo. Etc.

All karr bamboos easily attract attention and are regarded as one of the best looking hedging bamboos. Pinkish shoots of Al karr become green striped, yellow culms. Colour of Al karr gets deepen with its age. Aamoenus is one of the varieties of Dendrocalamus minor which is a small member giant clumping bamboo that has a large family. Atro, Javanese black bamboo derives from the word which means deep purple. Though culms are mainly black, sometimes they have a purple tinge.

Atter is used as ornamental bamboo. It has strong, workable, straight, timber with delicious shoots. Black asper bamboo from java is stunning and is regarded as one of the largely attractive plants in the world. Brandissi, a velvet leaf bamboo, is a giant timber bamboo which can grow up to thirty six metres in its Indian climate which it doesn’t receive in Australia. Chungi is a traditional plant which is used for ornamental purposes. Drepano and Himalayan weeping bamboo grow in cold places and cannot resist moist, sheltered conditions.