Bamboo flooring supplied by Bamboo Floors , is stated to be of high quality, and also present a good appearance. Each one of the bamboo flooring supplied by Bamboo Floors is unique, and comes backed by manufacturer’s warranty for 10 years.

There are several advantages of using the flooring supplied by Bamboo Floors. Bamboo is known to be a renewable resource, growing back very quickly. Bamboo Floors products are durable, environment friendly and unique in appearance, and are suitable for residential as well as commercial use.

Bamboo flooring from Bamboo Floors is by nature, a hardwood which is extremely stable, and this inherent stability is further enhanced by the processing and constructional lay up performed on it by Bamboo Floors.

Bamboo Floors offers products which suit classic as well as contemporary tastes, and come in a wide range of hues, from ultra blonde to Moroccan coffee. Bamboo flooring from Bamboo Floors is easy to install, and can be fixed on existing hardwood, particle board or concrete floors. For installing in high rise buildings, Bamboo Floors provides a choice of acoustic underlays. Bamboo Floors products are already sanded and come with a choice of satin or gloss finishes, both of which are highly durable.