The environment friendly nature of bamboo flooring from Bamboo Floors makes it a natural choice for flooring in the present day condition of our environment. Bamboo flooring from Bamboo Floors is preferable to traditional hardwood flooring for the reason that bamboo is a quickly renewable resource. The bamboo used by Bamboo Floors is derived from six year old bamboo poles, which are annually harvested, as compared to the 40 to 60 year old trees which are chopped down for timber which is used in the manufacture of hardwood floors. The harvested bamboo poles are split and machined to form rectangular billets. These billets are then cured by Bamboo Floors and laminated and machined into boards. The flooring boards manufactured by Bamboo Floors in this manner are stated to be highly durable.

Bamboo Floors products are also extremely stable and durable due to the inherent moisture resistant quality of bamboo and the minimal expansion and contraction that it undergoes. Bamboo flooring from Bamboo Floors can be easily installed, is cost effective and is ready for use, as it has already been processed and finished.