Due to expansion into the adjoining restaurant - Barrels restaurant used the 2.4m 25mm diameter bamboo poles with a clear finish to compliment the overall feel and ambience of the coastal resort town of Sawtell.

The popular bamboo fencing style is easily transformed to match your needs, whether you choose the clear finish with EnviroMax or painting with quality exterior house paint such as Dulux DX50 or combine bamboo with Colourbond for a number of different looks.

All the pole fencing is double sided, cut at a node to seal them and comes with internal galvanized wire that is threaded through the poles every 300mm.

These fences are approved for use as pool surround fences and are an ideal alternative fence when you want more than just a barrier.

Bamboo Direct 100% Recycled Decking …

Our most recent eco friendly product on offer is the 100% recycled decking. This remarkable product is manufactured from recycled plastic milk bottles, called HDPE a high-density formula of 100% recycled polyethylene plastic. HDPE is more durable than wood, is 100% resistant to water, chemicals and insects, has a warranty of 50 years and has no comparison with any products on the market today. This results in a durable, attractive, cost effective and low maintenance alternative for your decking needs.

The decking is finished in a wood grained texture with seven colours including white to choose from, has hidden fasteners for a sleek look. The unique hidden clip system guarantees perfect spacing and alignment. This eliminates the use of unsightly surface screws. As far as maintenance goes you can consider scrubbing, staining, sanding, sealing and power washing is a thing of the past. It’s virtually maintenance free, all you need is to wash your deck off with your garden hose and forget about it.