Bamboo Direct adopts various installation options for bamboo flooring. ‘Supply and Install’ is one such method adopted by Bamboo Direct. It is basically about maintaining single contact point for the customers’ projects in major residential areas. Some of the other methods include ‘supply only’ and ‘on going supply’ agreements.

In the supply only service from Bamboo Direct, the customers acquire the products and manage or do the installation themselves and Bamboo Direct just prices the job accordingly. Bamboo Direct also offers a fixed price for complete installations in major eastern seaboard markets, when customers want a square metre contract price for ongoing installations.

Bamboo Direct extends some fencing installation options as well like frames, natural finish, painted, gates and maintenance. Bamboo Direct offers posts and rails which are inexpensive and versatile options for all types of sites. Bamboo Direct uses enviromax, an environmental friendly product for coating of all natural finished poles. Bamboo Direct recommends the Dulux DX50 exterior paint that comes in wide range of colours for bamboo pole fences. Bamboo Direct even offers gates to match bamboo Pole fences.

Bamboo Direct works with three suppliers from China and constantly looks for the latest innovations in ecologically sustainable building products. The suppliers work to fulfil even the particular customer needs that range from custom made doors to ply sheets for skate boards.