Award Balustrading Supplies  offers stainless steel wire balustrade components and completed assemblies. Award Balustrading Supplies is a stocker and supplier of stainless steel components used on stairs, hand rails, rigging, balustrades and other architectural applications.

Award Balustrading Supplies provides wide range of fittings used for balustrading. Wire size of 3.2millimeter is the preferred wire size for balustrades. Strands of the balustrade are fixed 100 millimeters apart. Some common fittings supplied by Award Balustrading Supplies are screw eye, eye bolt, saddle, timble, swage, jaw bottle screw, rope grip, turnbuckle, swage bottlescrew, fork terminal, swage stud, tensioner and pan terminal.

Award Balustrading Supplies offers completed assemblies such as completed hydraulic swaged assemblies which are made available as DIY kits. Care and maintenance of stainless steel by regular wash with mild detergent using soft cloth and clean cold water rinse is recommended. Commercial metal cleaners like autosol and brasso are used for stain removing and polishing. Tea staining is a brown discolouration which commonly occurs in the coastal regions. Regular maintenance alone can control the structural damage caused by tea staining.