Award Balustrading Supplies  offers stainless steel wire balustrading components. Award Balustrading Supplies provides a wide range of combination fitting solutions for balustrades. Award Balustrading Supplies offers extensive range of products which includes bottlescrews, bevelled washers, D shackles and collared eye nuts to name a few.

Award Balustrading Supplies offers bottlescrews which are also known as enclosed turnbuckles, rigging screws or pipes. Jaws with swages and thimbles are available for hydraulically pressed assemblies and hand swaged assemblies.

Bevelled washers are used to place the post at an angle. Bevelled washers are fitted in the assemblies along with swage studs and staircase tensioners. Award Balustrading Supplies offers standard D shackles. A wide range of shackles in accordance with requirements are also made available by Award Balustrading Supplies which include shackles with slotted pins, captive pins, hex drive pins and light weight, long, bow and twisted shackles.

Award Balustrading Supplies provides different types of grommets. Opaque nylon grommets, black nylon grommets and silver nylon grommets for metal posts. Hand swaged assemblies and completed assemblies with posts are available.

Collared Eye nuts of varying size, rings, dees and triangles are also available from Award Balustrading Supplies as well as, rivets, corrosion inhibitors, self tapping screws, wire cutters, hand swager, hydraulic press and fork terminals.