Avant Mini Loaders  offers Avant tilt adapters designed for mounting between the mini loader and attachment.

Tilt adapters allow the user to rotate the loader’s attachment up to 12.5 degrees from the centre position in either direction. These oscillating loader adapters are hydraulic systems that connect between the loader and the non-hydraulic attachment.

Tilt adapters can be controlled from the driver’s seat and are designed to level out the equipment on uneven surfaces for better stability. Additionally, the hydraulic adapters enhance operational safety by keeping the attachments level on slopes.

Tilt adapters are especially useful for use with loader attachments such as general buckets, pallet forks and levellers.

Key features of tilt adapters include:

  • Mounted between loader and non-hydraulic attachment 
  • Suitable for 300, 500, 600 and 700 Series loaders
  • Oscillation of +/- 12.5 degrees • Hydraulically controlled from the driver’s seat 
  • Levelling enabled on uneven surfaces 
  • Enhanced safety from keeping pallet fork level on a slope 
  • Suitable for use with general bucket, pallet fork and leveller attachments
  • Robust design