Avant Mini Loaders  offers a range of backhoes designed as attachments for various models of mini loaders.

The 170 model of backhoes has been designed for 200 Series and replaces the older 150 Series backhoe.

Model 210 backhoes have been designed primarily for Series 500 and Series 600 but can be used with Series 300, old Series 500 and new Series 700 of mini loaders.

Avant backhoes feature a simple and robust design with a low frame construction.

Models 170 as well as 210 backhoes are easy to mount on the loaders and are more affordable than older versions. The 170 backhoe is supplied with a 250mm bucket while the 210 backhoe comes with a 400mm bucket.

Key features of Avant backhoes include:

  • Robust low frame design 
  • Excellent down-hole visibility 
  • Optimised digging speed from standard flow regulation valve 
  • Modern digging geometry with powerful bucket tilting function 
  • Backhoe 170 includes 250mm bucket with teeth 
  • Backhoe 210 includes 400mm bucket with teeth 
  • Removable teeth
  • Economical model