AV Security  is engaged in providing a wide range of wireless equipment, cables, power supplies, intercoms, inner range concepts, CCTV, detection devices and many other products. AV Security also offers alarm systems for security purposes. AV Security also offers quotes, advice, monitoring of home security systems. AV Security offers complete installation of home security system.

AV Security own and operate their business from Melbourne. AV Security is progressing towards better technology and improved performance. AV Security is continually involved in research and development process to provide quality products and services to its customers. AV Security uses the best technology, advanced alarm, access control and surveillance equipment thus offering a complete range of security system to its customers. AV Security has also been certified by Australian Standards, security industry standards and complies with the insurance company. AV Security has always focused on quality, aesthetics and technical excellence. AV Security has partnered with many other security system manufacturers like the Inner Rande Concept, Paradox, DAS and the HID to name a few.