AV Security  offers a security monitoring station that provides monitoring services all through the day. AV Security provides the monitoring service for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. The alarm systems offered by AV Security are fixed onto the customers premises. Once the alarm is used at the commercial, residential or industrial premises of the customers, the alarm signal is transmitted to the AV Security’s security monitoring station. The security professionals at AV Security will act according to the instructions given by the customers.

AV Security also offers safety tips to its customers when they are away from home. AV Security recommends the use of deadlocks, strong entry doors and sliding doors to ensure better safety system. The deadlock is one of the best security systems. This system enables the door to be locker from both within and from outside. This assures additional safety. The sliding doors and the entry doors should be made out of solid timber or solid core to ensure safe and secured home. AV Security offers a number of other safety and security advices in order to provide the best security services to its customers.