Automation Dynamics offers solutions in terms of Home Security, Multi-Room Audio, More than Lighting Control and Home Networking. The home security solution offered by Automation Dynamics enables clients to switch on the light automatically as well as makes clients house keys become redundant. The home networking from Automation Dynamics envisages a system that allows clients to distribute in terms of pay TV, VCR or DVD signal to all TV’s within the home, see who’s at the front door, share a broad band connection while watching TV.

The more than lighting control creates a perfect ambience with reference to all kinds of occasions and at the same time offers home security facilities. The multi-room audio of Automation Dynamics offers a concert hall experience in home or an ultimate party jukebox. Automation Dynamics can also design multi-room audio system in order to suit any kind of home.

Automation Dynamics offers services in terms of intercom system, CCTV cameras, alarm systems, home networking, structural cabling, Multi-room audio systems, access control and home theatre systems. The intercom system provided by Automation Dynamics offers audio facility in terms of audio or video combination. The Alarm system of Automation Dynamics helps to protect client’s property when away or at home.