Nevo SL advanced remote from Automation Dynamics helps in viewing vacation photo’s as well as other digital pictures from any monitor or TV in the home. The Sonance DAB1-room audio system of Automation Dynamics with the DAB1 helps in adding any Sonance in wall keypad. The DAB1 1R remote helps in listening as well as controlling up to four audio sources to six zones with an independent control in each zones. NESS M1 automation controller provides unequalled value as a home controller.

NESS M1 includes panels that are strong in automation as well as weak in security and vice versa. The M1 boasts a rock solid security foundation with one of the most imaginative as well as powerful automation functionality. The Clipsal-C-Bus automation system of Automation Dynamics offers clients home environment to become like a smart home providing an enhanced lifestyle of convenience, entertainment, security and comfort.

Sonos digital music system from Automation Dynamics lets clients to play all kinds of digital music starting from the bed room to backyard and can also be controlled from the palm of the hand. The BPT ophera intercom caters to the demand as well as tastes of people selecting qualitatively and technologically superior products.