Australian Streetscape  was chosen by DSB Landscape Architects to supply a large corner seat for Gungahlin Linear park.

Gungahlin Linear Park is the stunning new focal point of Gungahlin’s Town Centre, which has quickly become Canberra’s major suburban hub.

Gungahlin Linear Park features various art installations and is intended to be the new location of colourful art and craft markets. The park also provides a meeting place for community events and is a great space for families to visit to enjoy a bike ride or picnic in the park.

Australian Streetscape worked closely with the contractor and architect to design and manufacture a customised corner bench seat for Gungahlin Linear Park.

The initial design brief was very simple and underwent some minor changes during the negotiation process to ensure a quality piece of outdoor furniture was produced. The completed seat measured 2.6m x 5m and was aptly named the Gungahlin Linear Bench Seat.

To facilitate easy installation and delivery, the seat was constructed in four modules ready to be positioned into the park.

Careful consideration of the surrounding environment resulted in choosing quality recycled timber and galvanised steel as the primary materials for construction to ensure the finished product was functional, durable and suited the natural beauty of Gungahlin Linear Park.

It was essential that the finished product was not only aesthetically pleasing, but tough enough to withstand the elements and rigours of every day use while still being user friendly for park visitors.

The recycled Ironbark timber used in the Gungahlin Linear Bench Seat spent its original life as part of the Mackay Sugar Mill Export Warehouse which was constructed on 1928.

When machining the timber into its new shape for the Gungahlin Linear Bench Seat, the smell of tar used as a preservative many years ago infused the air. Australian Streetscape took great care in reshaping this timber and giving it a new lease of life as a contemporary seat.

As with all custom designed pieces, the seat was manufactured in the Australian Streetscape factory located in Queensland.

By manufacturing locally, Australian Streetscape was able to manage every aspect of the service from design to delivery.

The combination of quality hard-wearing materials and sturdy construction ensures the Gungahlin Linear Bench Seat will be enjoyed by park visitors for many years to come.

The Gungahlin Linear Park project is yet another example of Australian Streetscape’s product innovation and custom design facilities.