Australian Streetscape manufactures a range of bollards that are used as guides to define roadways, pathways or pedestrian areas. Bollards include Forceful, Fearless, Protector, Sentinel, Defender, Guardian, Escort and Reef. All Australian Streetscape bollards are manufactured locally in Queensland.  

The Forceful bollard is made from pre-treated and powder coated cast aluminium for durability and is designed for vandal resistance and minimal maintenance. Sturdy yet decorative, the Forceful is built to withstand all weather conditions and is suitable for both contemporary and heritage settings.  

The Protector bollard is ideal for use at locations where protection is a major concern. Manufactured from a heavy duty galvanised steel pole, the Protector provides the ultimate in strength without compromising on style. Like the Forceful, it can be mounted above or inground depending on the projects requirements.

The Defender bollard is constructed from timber and features a stainless steel band. This versatile timber bollard is designed to be decorative yet tough enough to provide durability against everyday use. The dimensions can be adjusted to suit the need.

Australian Streetscape also creates custom made bollards from various materials such as steel, aluminium and recycled timber. These custom made bollards feature in some of Brisbane’s new estates.