Australian Slate-Crete Supplies  manufactures and markets concrete products which include slate finished concrete, brick stencilled concrete and texture on existing concrete. Australian Slate-Crete Supplies provides specially formulated products which can tolerate diverse weather conditions. Products manufactured by Australian Slate-Crete Supplies are available in a wide range of colours. These products offer many advantages like weed resistance, slip resistance. They do not fade easily and also require minimal maintenance.

Various specially formulated concrete products provided by Australian Slate-Crete Supplies ideally find applications in places such as driveways, paths, patios, pool surrounds, roadways, public thoroughfares and places which require the usage of concrete.

Slate-Crete manufactured by Australian Slate-Crete Supplies is a slate looking concrete finish, which is available in varied patterns. This is prepared by applying the base colour after the concrete has been screeded and trowelled. A mixture of colours can also be applied. This is followed by placing a release agent over the trowelled concrete. The advantage of this step is that the release agent functions as a waterproofing compound and it also promotes the toning of the base colour.

Release agents are available in colours such as grey release, light brown release and marigold release. This curing step is followed by pressure blasting of concrete with water for removing excess of release agent. Slate-Crete provided by Australian Slate-Crete Supplies is a cost effective product. The final step includes the application of acrylic clear sealer and a slip resistant powder.